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Classic restoration

We provide an in-depth service for those looking to complete a classic car restoration project. Our experienced team have been working at the top-end of this industry for many years and are perfectly positioned to help bring your project to fruition. 

Our classic car restoration services can be split down in to three key areas. They are as follows:


Our concours level of restoration sees us take control of the entire body work restoration project for you, from the initial stripping of the body through to the high-level delivery of a perfectly finished bodywork. 

The first step for us will be that stripping process. Everything from interior to trims will be removed. We also mark-up any damage, dents and scratches that will need to be repaired by a panel beater. 

Once complete, we will invite you – the customer – back in to see the car. We will also provide photos so that you can see what the stripping process has uncovered. 

This step is vital so that we can discuss what work needs to be done and how the customer would like it doing. We will explain not just what we do, but how we achieve the end result. We also identify which parts need to be replaced or repaired, and whether those parts can be purchased or if they need fabricating. 

Once that plan is in place, we move on to the fabrication and part replacement stage, if required. The shell will be shot-glassed and then be sent away to be dipped.

Upon the shells return, we begin to fit the panels back on. Door hinges and gaps will be meticulously set to ensure spacing is correct. We will also check the car for any damage that may have been missed first time around before moving on to the preparation stage.

The preparation part of the project will see the filler work done on the shell before a sealant is applied. Then it’s ready for a primer; we use an etch primer on bare metal, following by a two-pack epoxy primer which also has anti-rust properties. 

Then it’s the painting. We will usually do three coats of lacquer on a classic car before moving on to the final stage which will be re-assembly. We will then invite the customer back in to see the car – often, when the chrome and trim is put back on the car, because the shell is then in pristine like-new condition, the chrome and trim will look old, so customers may instruct us to do the rest of the work as well.

For us, it’s about the complete journey from fabrication to the delivery of a bare shell with freshly restored, high-quality paintwork. 

Maintenance and repairs

If you’re looking for some smaller-scale work rather than a full body restore, then we’re perfectly equipped to carry out this work for you. This can include repairing paint chips, scratches and nicks in the paintwork.

We also see a lot of classic cars suffering with rust on some panels, and so our experienced team has a lot of knowledge to fall back on when it comes to dealing with this. 

It’s quite common for us to work on a single panel on a car. In these cases, we are able to then blend that panel to the rest of the car thanks to our expertise in colour-matching. This makes the car look seamless and as though no work has ever been done.

Classic painting

If you’re looking to make a more subtle change to your classic car’s bodywork, then you’ve also come to the right place.

At Classics 1963, we have been working with customers to make their cars unique to them for many years. We see all sorts of requests when it comes to refreshing the paint on classic cars, and so our services include, but are not limited to the following paintwork:

  • Full colour changes, inside and out
  • Engine bay 
  • Door skirts
  • Custom paintwork. – e.g. two-tone, black roof, pinstripe, metallics, candy pearls, etc.

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