If you’re looking to have high-end, premium painting work done on your car, then Classics 1963 would be happy to explore the option of our prestige service. 

While all of the work we do is of a high standard, there is no hiding away from the fact that sometimes you need to produce a finish on a car that is on another level altogether. Several select groups of cars usually demand this service.

Our prestige service is one that takes time, experience and expertise. It’s not to be rushed and will be carried out to exacting standards. Prestige cars will require more than one coat of paint and in some areas, we may apply numerous coats and procedures to get the car just right.

Our process

We will prime the car with a double lacquer and then block it down before lacquering again. We will not put any paint on until the surface of the body is perfect.

Only after those two key steps have been performed will we colour it. Once dry, we will then inspect the car under bright lights again, checking in meticulous detail the quality of the paintwork.  If required, we will go through the process repeatedly until the car is finished to the high-standards expected.

`Inspecting the car under bright lights shows everything up. Any pin holes, scratches or inconsistencies will be identified and worked on. While you may get away with these near-microscopic imperfections on any ordinary car, we know that when working to show standard or with a sports or super car, this level must be reached.

The prestige service is perfect for: 

Sports cars

If you’ve invested in a high-end sports car, you want it to be perfect. Whether it’s time for a respray or if you need to complete some repair work with a high-quality paint job, you’ve come to the right place. Our prestige service deals with every little detail, and when you’re driving around in a sports car, this is a necessity. People will be admiring your car and giving it a great deal of attention, so it has to be absolutely perfect.

Super cars

Supercars are the pinnacle of sporting brilliance, of brut power and striking looks. Every tiny detail must be perfect, inside and out, and the paintwork is no exception. If you have had a bump, scratch or dent, then you will want it repairing to the highest quality possible. Our prestige service is built precisely for this reason.


We know what makes a show-standard car and we know how to prepare bodywork to those exacting standards. Our process of repeatedly inspecting the finish under strong lights is exactly the kind of detail the show judges will go to. We’ve helped prepare many cars for concours, and when it comes to paintwork, we’re the masters of getting it right.

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