We provide an in-depth service for those looking to complete a classic car restoration project. Our experienced team have been working at the top-end of this industry for many years and are perfectly positioned to help bring your project to fruition. 

Our classic car restoration services can be split down in to three key areas. They are as follows:

Accident repair

We all know that accidents happen. Whether you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident or a runaway supermarket shopping trolley has collided with your car, from time-to-time repairs will need to be made. 

We know that whether the accidental damage is your fault or not, you have the decision on where to take your car for repair. Even when the insurance is paying for repairs, it’s important to note that this is your car – you decide on where it gets repaired. Your car should be in the same condition after the accident as it was before, so choose where you go carefully. It pays to choose a good-quality and reputable body shop – it’s about quality, not cost. 

We can carry out a full range of repairs, from significant full-body repairs through to smaller jobs such as fixing damage to doors, wings, mirrors and broken glass. We are also very experienced when it comes to colour-matching, so you can rest assured your car will return to you looking like the accident never happened. We will also use the manufacturers original paint when possible.

We employ only the most modern techniques for carrying out repairs, so you know the work will be done to a high standard.

Wheel refurb

Wheel refurbs are another common necessity on so many cars. Our expert service will comprehensively refurbish your wheels for you.

We remove the tyres off the wheels and then restore the wheels to their former glory. We can restore to an original condition, apply a custom colour or use a hard-wearing coating which will help repel much of the damage in the future. 

Once the wheel itself is repaired, we then put the tyres back on. Wheels will be balanced and any other touching up to hubs or callipers can also be done.

Stone chips

A common problem with any car wherever you live in the world is stone chips. Stone chips can occur on any car, regardless of cost, age or size – it’s a fact of life unfortunately. 

We’re experienced when it comes to dealing with stone chips, and we have a lot of customers who will bring cars in which are nearing the end of lease periods. Due to the high costs that dealerships and lease dealerships will charge you when returning a lease car with stone chips, it will work out much cheaper to have us repair those chips for you before returning the car.   

Plastic welding and repairs

Plastic welding is a cost-effective way of implementing a high-quality and durable repair on to your car. Bumpers are perfectly suited for being plastic welded and saves you on the significant cost of a new bumper. A plastic welded bumper is every bit as hard-wearing and durable as an original factory part and different plastics and finishes are available to match the style and manufacturer of your car.

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