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Trade accounts

We provide a high-end, premium restoration and bodywork service for owners of classic cars and high-end vehicles. Classics 1963 has been serving the classic car restoration market for __ years and have proudly built a reputation as one of the best body shops around.

One of the reasons behind our success is the fact that we understand the classic car industry. We know what classic car owners – and owners of high-end vehicles- need, primarily because we share your passion. We love luxury and performance cars and have many classic car lovers among our staff.

When repairing or restoring cars of this level, a premium service is required to do the bodywork justice. There are no short-cuts or quick fixes, the job has to be done to the highest of standards.  That is the standard we set, and we’re proud to reach it with every customer.

It means you don’t need the expensive equipment and vast amount of room required to carry out the work yourself. Our experienced and expert technicians can take care of just about every part of the bodywork for you, meaning that you can sit back and relax. 

We also understand that you, as the owner, want to be involved in the work and contribute yourselves. That’s why we can do the bulk of the work and leave you to finish the smaller elements which finish the car off – things such as the chrome and trim. Of course, we’d happily take care of that for you as well.

Our service is one of convenience and individuality, so we work hard with our customers to accommodate their requirements.

Here are some of the other advantages to working with us: 

  • Colour-matching – we use the very best in colour-matching technology meaning that you can have your car looking exactly as you want it. We will even record the formula we used to match the paint, so if you need touch-ups or further work in future, we have the information already.
  • Be a part of the restoration – we like our customers to feel part of the restoration and repair process, if they want to be. If there are areas of the car that you want to finish off yourself, then we will happily factor it in to the plan for the project during our first meeting.
  • Small jobs done quickly – while we are specialists when it comes to the larger jobs on body work, we are also experienced and flexible when it comes to small repairs. Bumps, scratches and bumper damage can often be turned around at high speed, without compromising on quality. 

Main dealer 

In addition to working directly with customers, {company name} is proud to work directly with showrooms and garages to offer a high-quality and trustworthy body shop service. 

We understand that you may need a quick turn around on jobs without compromising on quality. We can offer that service locally, working on everything from classic cars through to the high-end car market of today, such as BMWs and Mercedes’.

Other advantages for trade customers:  

  • High capacity – we have the storage space to accommodate many cars, meaning we aren’t limited to taking on just a few jobs at a single time. Even if you have a high number of cars that need turning around, we can help you to fulfil this custom.
  • Trade price – We work with closely with many trade customers and can be flexible when meeting specific requirements. We’re also able to offer a trade discount to trade customers.
  • Main dealer approach – we can offer a quick turn around and can operate on little notice and short time frames, fitting in with your own busy workshop schedule. 

For us, it’s about the complete journey from fabrication to the delivery of a bare shell with freshly restored, high-quality paintwork. 

1997 Mini Restoration

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1997 Mini Restoration

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